Data Output

Nextflow Transform and Route:

  • Tranforms Raw data from Nextflow Files, Nextflow Scan or existing ERP systems into dynamic business documents in their specified business format
  • Routes to their point of need in the business via any windows driver printer, email, fax, PDF, archive and workflow system

A web browser enabled interface operation is utilized for simple and effective output management and administration.

Nextflow Transform & Route utilises and converts to the following formats:

Advanced Barcodes including RFID and Labels

  • Enables conversion of data to barcode format that can be integrated and printed on standard documents or customised labels
  • Ideal for automatically bar-coding despatch notes, works orders, picking notes, etc, saving¬† dramatic amounts of time.

Text messages

  • Use for notification of changes to documentation and business process

Enterprise applications including ERP CRM and PDM

  • Integrating several data sources into one dynamic form


  • A Static PDF with additional interactive layer adding personalisation, attachments, security and client side logic, allowing you to see when a PDF has been read by your client
  • Excellent way to ensure clients recieve and view invoices, statements and POD etc

Time & Cost Savings

  • Eliminate pre-printed and multi-part stationary as Nextflow prints directly onto plain paper
  • Print as many copies as required, and then automatically route to the relevant printer, fax or other device – anywhere in the organisation
  • Production of high quality, professional documents with a choice of fonts, sizes and inclusion of logos/images
  • When documents, phone numbers or logos change, no wastage or re-printing costs are incurred
  • Reduce late payment penalties
  • Direct user controlled logic enabling logos and signatures to change dependant on logic rules

To understand further how Data Output can assist your business, please call Next Solution on 0844 225 0482 or register for our Data Output Seminar.