Data Input

Nextflow Files can access and deploy any existing digital media office documents, raw data files and legacy data for use in the Nextflow Solution. 

Nextflow Files enables you to increase your return on investment from historical data.  Once Nextflow has identified raw data or file information, the data can be routed to Nextflow Transform & Route or safely and securely moved into Nextflow Archive.

Intelligent, accurate and scalable, Nextflow Scan works with any scanner, MFP or hot folder. It offers fast data capture and processing, via a single entry point. It also manages the stream of different forms and documents including complex types and transforms them into usable, accessible data. This includes:

  • Fixed forms: Questionnaires, surveys, tax returns and application forms
  • Semi-structured document: Invoices, purchase orders, explanation of benefits and receipts
  • Unstructured documents: Contracts, letters or articles

It works with any scanner, MFP or hot folders and significantly reduces the need for manual data entry, automating coding, authorisation and filing of documents.

Improving productivity and cost

  • Reduced manual data entry
  • Automated coding, authorisation and filing of documents
  • Helps to redeploy employees elsewhere
  • Increase prompt payment discount usage
  • Reduce late payment penalties
  • Once scanned, documents can be routed to Nextflow Transform & Route or Nextflow Archive

To understand further how Data Input can assist your business, please call Next Solution on 0844 225 0482 or register for our Data Input Seminar.