Data Archiving

Nextflow Archive offers automatic, electronic storage of business documentation eliminating the need for office file storage and space. It’s intelligent search and retrieval is easy to use, with powerful capabilities, allowing users to locate information in seconds for the following searches:

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  • Detailed: Specified date and value
  • Broad: Multiple index fields or projects
  • Full text: Pinpointing of key words within the context of the document


Once found, the documents can routed to Nextflow Transform & Route or utilised by Nextflow Files.

Massive savings on operations, storage, process and retrieval of documents

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  • Reduces information retrieval times and costs
  • Access and manage files directly from Microsoft Office and other business applications
  • Implement information policies with multiple levels of security and extensive user controls
  • Shield information with encryption both during transmission and when stored
  • Ensure proper procedures are carried out by automating compliance processes and tracking activity
  • Gain regulatory confidence with evidence of audit trails, security controls, user activity, document history and retention policy recording



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To understand further how Data Archiving can assist your business, please call Next Solution on 0844 225 0482 or register for our Data Archiving Seminar.


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