Business Benefits

A Nextflow solution offers significant benefits and a fast return if your business has:

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    • Large archives of incoming and outgoing paper documents in files ie invoices, delivery notes
    • No document security, limited storage space or lost/damaged documents
    • Manual distribution of more than 100 documents by post or machine
    • Use of printed documents such as invoices, statements, or purchase orders on multi-part stationary using dot matrix printers or A4 cut sheets on laser printers
    • Unstreamed business workflow and manual paper processes
    • Administratively intense tasks and the utilisation of unreliable equipment
    • A requirement for document audit trails to comply with quality assurance or legislation
    • No back-up in the event of disaster
    • Documents needing to be viewed in multiple locations
    • To decrease its carbon footprint and enhance it’s green credentials.


Imagine the benefits…


[tab title=”Reduced Storage Costs”]All documents stored electronically, removing the need for manual filing and reducing waste.[/tab]

[tab title=”Governance and compliance”]Easily stores paper POD’s and invoices for 6 years to meet legal and compliance regulations without the need for storage space and manual effort required in retrieving information.[/tab]

[tab title=”Improved Staff Productivity”]Team members can quickly search and find documents so increased staff productivity.[/tab]


[tab title=”Improved Time Management”]Reduced time spent locating information, achieving greater productivity and lowering staff costs.[/tab]

[tab title=”Secure Data Storage”]Authorised and access permissions ensure your documents are only accessed by authorised staff or team members.[/tab]

[tab title=”Central Archived Filing”]Documents are filed in a central location, allowing easy access and retrieval to data across sites[/tab]